The story of how I came to the yoga practice is not easeful or glamorous.

I was fat. All the other kids told me so daily. So it became my identity, because it was the best way to survive school.
Physical Education in school equaled sports. I hated sports. I wasn’t naturally athletic, and always ended up losing and was picked last for a team. 

My body had always been a source of shame and ridicule, and never measured up in the areas that I was taught were important.

Until yoga.

In yoga I could succeed every time I came to the mat. I experienced my own strength. I could learn and progress and embrace challenge without competing with anyone else. I finally felt at home in my own skin.

For a long time I focused on the forms and sequencing of the physical practice most of us think of as yoga, but after many years, I began to understand the transformative power of this practice beyond the poses.

No, yoga didn’t make me fit. But through my yoga I have become intimately aware of my mind’s desire for comfort, and how it can drive me to seek comfort when I feel vulnerable, angry or anxious (often the answer has been ice cream, and lots of it).

Through yoga I have developed enough wisdom to know the negative effects of my mind’s self-medicating tactics. And, now I have enough presence to witness the desire to self-soothe in the moment, to take a breath, and in that space of grace I’ve learned that I can make a different choice.

This is the practice I share with you. I may make you laugh, and I will accept you when you cry. I will help you develop strength, resiliency and presence to meet your life with courage.

Supervised Online Yoga

I’m here to take care of you; I need to see your body and breath and reaction to the yoga to know how to serve you in any given moment. To that end, I limit class attendance to 16, and I observe you the student, rather than demonstrate. You may have to listen more than you’re used to, especially if you’re a visual learner, but being witnessed and held accountable increases your presence.

As one student said, “it’s the closest thing to being in a live class!” Sign up for class below, and I look forward to seeing you there.  

These classes are in the style of Vinyasa Yoga

In this context, vinyasa just means flow. Most of my classes are built on some kind of flow, dynamic movement linked with mindful breathing, intended to pull you out of your mind and into your body. Classes are strength-based. In addition to flow, we will also hold some poses for longer periods. By challenging our strength and endurance we find strength and courage.

Beginner classes include repetition and the most thorough instruction. No experience is necessary to join

Steady Flow classes are moderately paced, and assume a general knowledge of basic poses. Strong Flow classes are more rigorous, and assume working knowledge of salutations and most standing poses. 


Please see the table below for my current schedule, pricing and links to purchase classes.

Financial aid is available for those in need. Please use my contact form to get in touch and describe your situation.

Beginners Yoga

Wednesdays 9:00am

60 minutes


Mellow Flow

Saturdays 10:30am

60 minutes

Steady Flow, 60 minutes

Mondays & Tuesdays 12:00pm

60 minutes

Steady Flow, 75 minutes

Mondays &

Wednesdays 5:30pm

75 minutes

Strong Flow

Saturdays 9:00am

75 minutes

8-class package

Schedule after purchasing


Monthly Unlimited

   -Unlimited live classes
   -Access to recorded classes
   -Access to meditations & pranayama
   -Include friends & family from your
     own device for free