Explore personalized yoga sessions in the Nevada County, CA area. I provide a range of specialized yoga experiences. Check out the categories below to discover the perfect private option for you.


Struggling with a specific yoga pose? Your unique journey deserves a specialized approach, and I'm here to develop personalized plans to help you achieve your yoga goals. Together, we'll workshop those challenging postures, pinpointing areas for improvement. I'll create a tailored plan, including remedial poses, stretches, and strengthening exercises. Additionally, I can offer personalized modifications to classic poses that better suit your body. While the pursuit of understanding and mastering a pose is a noble one, let's cherish the real magic of yoga found in the journey, not just the achievement.


Discover the healing potential of therapeutic yoga on your journey to rehabilitation. If you've experienced an injury or struggle with chronic pain, let's explore your discomfort through the lens of yoga. Together, we'll delve into tailored practices designed to address your specific needs, providing you with valuable tools to explore and integrate into your ongoing healing process. Yoga can be a powerful tool for healing. Through our sessions, we will discover whether it can be transformative for you.


Enhance your event with a bespoke yoga experience tailored just for you. Whether it's a corporate gathering, wedding celebration, or retreat, I offer customizable classes to match your intention. From invigorating flow sessions to tranquil meditative practices or soothing restorative sessions with sound healing, the style and content can be adjusted to create the perfect ambiance for your event. Elevate the experience for your guests with a unique and personalized yoga class that complements the essence of your occasion.


Overcome the barrier to starting a regular yoga practice by choosing private sessions tailored just for you. For many, the fear of feeling self-conscious in a group class can be a hindrance. In private yoga, you'll learn the fundamental postures and concepts, along with personalized modifications, instilling confidence as you transition into a classroom setting. Start your yoga adventure with a foundation built on understanding, confidence, and personal guidance.

sound healing

Tibetan bowl sound healing sessions available in the Nevada County, CA area. Immerse yourself in the transcendent harmonics of antique Tibetan bowls, tailored to offer you a unique and transformative experience. Explore the categories below to find the perfect private sound healing option that resonates with your well-being goals.


Ideal for psychologists, therapists, and healing practitioners, sound healing with Tibetan bowls provides a unique avenue for rejuvenation. This practice excels in clearing the negative energy that can accumulate from working with clients and their challenges. Its non-verbal approach offers a respite for those immersed in verbal processing throughout the day. For practitioners in various healing arts, a sound healing session serves as a powerful reset, offering a harmonious journey towards balance and renewal.


Sound healing is often accompanied by fanciful claims about its mechanisms of action, benefits and effects. For a grounded understanding of how sound healing operates, I recommend exploring "The Healing Power of Sound" by the late Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D. While avoiding overreaching promises, I can confidently assert that my instruments and practice are adept at inducing a state of relaxation deeper than what most individuals can achieve independently. This profound relaxation holds the potential for a positive impact on stress-related conditions, fostering a holistic approach to well-being.


Initiate or deepen your meditation practice with the transcendent power of Tibetan Bowls. The rich harmonics emitted by these bowls can entrain the brain into altered states, offering a tangible and correct sense of the meditative experience. Move beyond the uncertainty of meditation and cultivate a felt understanding of its essence, so that you know what is possible when you meditate on your own.


Group sound baths offer a unique opportunity to harmonize with others, amplify the power of intention, and foster a sense of community. A group sound bath can be the perfect addition to your event, retreat, medicine circle and more.


Indulge in the divine fusion of restorative yoga and Tibetan Bowl sound healing, a unique offering crafted over years of dedication. Using props, restorative yoga supports the body in gently opening poses, evoking profound relaxation as the energetic channels unravel. Accompanied by the potent meditative harmonics of Tibetan Bowls, the alchemy unfolds into a blissful tapestry of healing, bringing repose to both the body and the nervous system. These sessions often include chanting and intention setting. In fact, it’s more than a session—it's a journey into the sanctuary of rejuvenation, aptly dubbed by former students as "yoga church."



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