Supervised Online Yoga

I’m here to take care of you; I need to see your body and breath and reaction to the yoga to know how to serve you in any given moment. To that end, I limit class attendance to 16, and I observe you the student, rather than demonstrate. You may have to listen more than you’re used to, especially if you’re a visual learner, but being witnessed and held accountable increases your presence. As one student said, “it’s the closest thing to being in a live class!” 

Vinyasa Yoga

In this context, vinyasa just means flow. Most of my classes are built on some kind of flow, dynamic movement linked with mindful breathing, intended to pull you out of your mind and into your body. Classes are strength-based. In addition to flow, we will also hold some poses for longer periods. By challenging our strength and endurance we find strength and courage.

Beginner classes include repetition and the most thorough instruction. No experience is necessary to join

Steady Flow classes are moderately paced, and assume a general knowledge of basic poses. Strong Flow classes are more rigorous, and assume working knowledge of salutations and most standing poses. 


Please see the table below for my current schedule, pricing and links to purchase classes.

Financial aid is available for those in need. Please use my contact form to get in touch and describe your situation.

Beginners Yoga

Wednesdays 9:00am

60 minutes


Steady Flow

Tuesdays 12:00pm

Wednesdays 5:30pm

75 minutes

Strong Flow

Saturdays 9:00am

75 minutes

8-class package

Schedule after purchasing


Studio Classes

I teach in-person studio classes at OneFlow Yoga in Sacramento, CA. Public classes are suspended due to COVID-19