What is Yoga?

Yoga is a system of cultivating consciousness, awareness, and intention. It is a method of understanding the Self and acting from intention rather than reactivity. In the West, we mostly associate Yoga with the physical practice. My teaching is based in the physical postures, called asanas. By studying asanas we become stronger and more limber of body, and more focused in mind. This creates conditions conducive to more subtle, energetic awareness.


Vinyasa – This means “to place in a certain way.” I will usually take requests, focus on a particular principle of alignment, and weave that awareness throughout the class. Poses will often be linked together in a sequence that flows, inspired by traditional Sun Salutations. These classes are meant to be challenging. Options will be given to accommodate a range of body types, ranges of motion, and levels of strength. There is a basic assumption that students can get up and down off of the floor unassisted.

Therapeutic – Various asanas have proven to be therapeutic in helping people rehabilitate from acute injury or chronic pain. Classes apply strength and stretch to bring balance and awareness to the body; we often remain close to the ground without a lot of up and down. You are welcome to put me in touch with your physical therapist, massage therapist, or chiropractor so that I can learn from them how best to support you.

Restorative – These classes are a real treat. After some gentle dynamic movement to warm the body, you will use props (bolsters, blankets, straps, and blocks) to support the body in gently opening poses and then remain in each pose for 7-15 minutes. I will usually accompany these classes with a sound bath using my Tibetan Bowls and singing.

Studio Classes

I am so pleased to be teaching at The Golden Mandala Center for Consciousness and Movement located at 417 Broad Street Suite B, Nevada City, CA 95959. It is a cozy, healing space sure to make you feel at home. Please see below for my current calendar of classes. You can select and book a class from the calendar, or scroll further down to purchase packages of classes for a discount.
Please accept your first studio class at a discounted rate of $10.
417 Broad Street Suite B, Nevada City, CA, 95959


  • 5 Days In A Week


  • Private sessions can be held at Golden Mandala or online. For an additional fee, Samuel can travel to your location in Nevada County. Please contact Samuel to inquire about availability.


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  • Muscle Stretching


  • Muscle Stretching