"Samuel is the best teacher I've ever had for anything, ever. He breaks down singing in a very articulate and accessible way, and gives incredible helpful and personalized feedback every time we meet."

Hadar Dor

I have taught singers who are male, female and transitioned.

Students of mine have ranged in age from 6 to 86 years, and in musical tastes including rock, pop, folk, opera, country and more.

For adult beginners, I help students overcome their self-consciousness and anxiety to reveal their healthiest authentic voice. For any style or genre of singing, I can help you to develop freedom, power and sustainability.  
For children, I focus on developing safe, healthy, sustainable singing habits through instilling mind-body connection, musical literacy, and foundational vocal technique.
For adolescents, I help guide their voices into maturity and strength, providing a solid technical foundation that will last a lifetime of singing in any genre or style.
And I also help aspiring performers who love to perform on stage in musical theatre, opera, and choir address technical shortcomings in order to earn more roles and solos.

Voice Lessons

During a typical voice lesson, we will spend a portion of time on technique, and a portion of time integrating that technique into songs. Bring a recording device to every lesson, as the instruction will serve as your self-study between lessons.

I offer new students a half-price 30-minute introductory lesson ($25). This intro lesson is intended to give you, the student, a sample of the process and how I work, so that you can make a decision about how you would like to continue. 

You will find pricing information for continuing lessons below. You can also use my CONTACT FORM to send me a message with any questions or to sign up for my email list for future offers and information.

I recommend that beginners subscribe to weekly lessons. More advanced singers may require less frequent instruction.

Online lessons occur using Zoom if you use a laptop (recommended) or FaceTime if using an iPad or iPhone. Your confirmation email will have the Zoom link in it. No extra equipment or software is needed for beginners. Professional singers may benefit from a mid- to high-quality USB microphone, and I am happy to consult on your options.

In-person lessons occur at my home studio in the city of Sacramento, located near Sacramento State University. The address will be provided after you book your introductory lesson.


Vocal Coaching

In my studio (online or in-person), vocal coaching focuses on the artistry of interpreting songs.

If you want vocal coaching in preparation for an audition, performance or recording, it is important that you provide your own accompanist, karaoke/backing track, or lead sheet style sheet music.

Often, an hour long drop-in is sufficient to coach a single song. If you have several songs that you want coached, consider a 4-lesson package. See my pricing guide below, and EMAIL ME to schedule a session.

Ear Training & Musicianship for Singers

Many people want to sing but have trouble getting the right notes or keeping a steady beat. Music literacy is an often overlooked part of early education and the fact is, if you were not raised with music, it may be very difficult to execute the basic components of music: pitch and rhythm. Sadly, many people interpret this musical difficulty as proof that they have a ‘bad voice’ or lack talent.

You can learn the basics of music, and allow your voice the freedom it needs to be powerful and beautiful.


You can probably tell when you are singing a note that is slightly off, even if you can’t tell how it is off. This can cause embarrassment and contraction; the throat tightens and the lower body connection diminishes causing physical discomfort, emotional distress and even more intonation issues. With enough of these experiences, people develop a belief that their voices are bad and that they cannot sing well.

Singers need to hear the note they are supposed to sing and understand its relationship to the rest of the notes of the song. We also need to internalize the steady beat that lets us know when to start singing, how long to sustain a note and when to stop.


You can learn musicianship in private lessons, but to give people a more cost-effective option, I have created an online ear training and musicianship class. This class will give novice singers all the tools they need to learn most popular music.

This 8-class series will begin on Monday, September 14 at 6:00pm Pacific time.

This 90 minute class meets 8 times over the course of 9 weeks. Readings will be assigned and then discussed in class. Students will be assigned specific techniques and musical excerpts to prepare and present in following classes. Between-class support is provided via the Marco Polo app.

This course is ideal for absolute beginners, but also for singers who want to improve their sight-singing.

Use my CONTACT FORM, and we can figure out if this course is right for you. 

Tuition and Scheduling

You may either subscribe to weekly lessons which recur on the same day and time, or schedule-as-you-go with drop-in lessons or discount packages. Please see the table below for a breakdown and links to my online scheduling platform.









-Reschedule/cancel with 24 hours notice

30-minute ONLINE




60-minute ONLINE

4-Lesson Package

-10% discount off drop-in price
-8 week expiration perdiod
-Schedule after purchasing
-Reschedule/cancel with 24 hours notice







Weekly Subscription

-Best value
-Reschedule with 24 hours notice
-Includes support via Marco Polo app
-Automatically billed every 4 weeks; cancel anytime
-Confirm day & time with Samuel before completing subscription