Yoga Class Schedule

Vinyasa Style Classes

In this context, vinyasa just means flow. Most of my classes are built on some kind of flow, dynamic movement linked with mindful breathing, intended to pull you out of your mind and into your body. Classes are strength-based. In addition to flow, we will also hold some poses for longer periods. By challenging our strength and endurance we find strength and courage.

Beginner’s Yoga classes include repetition and the most thorough instruction. No experience is necessary.

Mellow Flow classes are beginner friendly, with instruction on basic postures leading to a dynamic flow. No experience necessary.

Steady Flow classes are moderately paced, and assume a general knowledge of basic poses. Beginners with mind-body awareness and/or previous physical practices welcome.

Strong Flow classes are more rigorous, and assume working knowledge of salutations and most standing poses. 



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