Nourish your soul

Voice and Yoga 

with Samuel Palmer

Voice Lessons

Your voice is the most uniquely authentic expression of your soul. As such, it is normal to experience vulnerability around your voice and anxiety when called upon to use it publicly. In my studio, you will find a nurturing, supportive environment in which to explore and to heal. To learn more about singing lessons, vocal coaching, and voice rehabilitation please



Sometimes we work from the inside out, sometimes we work from the outside in. In my vinyasa-based yoga classes, you will  work. You will be invited into challenge and then cultivate steadiness. You will encounter resistance and practice acceptance. By calling upon your strength of body, mind and heart on the mat, you will grow stronger and more resilient in your daily life. My online yoga classes are supervised, meaning I observe you rather than demonstrate. This helps me keep you safe and hold you accountable. To learn more about supervised online yoga classes and privates, please



online voice lessons


online yoga classes

Convenient, Effective, Fun!

classical vocal literature lead sheets in every key

This project was born out of a desire to serve my students more fully. I am a… much… better voice teacher than I am piano player. A song truly comes alive with accompaniment, and while I cannot play all the little black dots on the page, I can follow along with simplified sheet music known as lead sheets. If you are a voice student or voice teacher with limited piano skills, and would benefit from classical vocal literature in lead sheet format and in any key, please


Sound Healing

At the intersection of music and yoga I found Sound Healing. Sound Healing is the skillful use of sound to bring about well-being and transformation.

In a private session, you will have bowls placed on and around the body. You luxuriate in their sound combined with personalized guided meditation. Group sessions and livestreams are conducted as concerts, and provide a deeply relaxing and nourishing backdrop for your own inner work.

To inquire further about privates or to receive updates about future concerts and livestreams, please use my contact form.