My name is Samuel, sole proprietor of EmbodyHarmonics. Use the navigation menu to find information on Voice Lessons, Yoga, and the Apothecary (custom fragrance products).

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Sam is unique among yoga teachers. He is attuned to each of the different bodies in his classes and gives targeted adjustments to open up a whole world of yogic possibility! His words guide me through the poses so that I never need to look at a model, which enables me to stay internal and gain the full benefit of presence in my yoga practice. Sam also has an uncanny way of turning a pose inside out to help me understand the pose in a whole new way. I’ve been taking yoga for over 20 years and have never encountered a teacher who does this like Sam. Every class is a true blessing. I will often move mountains in my schedule to make time for class with Sam. My body has changed so much since practicing with him. I’m deeply grateful for his honesty, kindness, and expertise
Samuel is the best teacher I've ever had for anything, ever. He breaks down singing in a very articulate and accessible way, and gives incredible helpful and personalized feedback every time we meet. He remembers all the details from all our previous lessons (been doing an hour weekly for about 9 months now) and has built a curriculum that perfectly fits my needs. Couldn't recommend more!
Being a teacher myself, I see the strong teacher in Samuel. He listens, pays attention, and is an expert in leading me through a voice lesson. My lesson was online and it didn't detract from my experience one bit. I'm a yoga and meditation teacher and his advice and guidance were spot on! Little corrections of my posture made a big difference.  How to regulate my breathing made a big difference. He was very encouraging and I had a really great time learning from him. My session was super fun and I'd recommend him highly to anyone who wants to learn how to train their voice, from whatever profession you happen to be from. Give Samuel a try! He won't disappoint.
Sam was born to teach. I nervously came to him over two years ago because I thought yoga could be a good tool to help me manage the stress in my life. I absolutely put my trust in the right hands. I never expected a yoga teacher to care so much about my personal development, but Sam did. He is kind, patient, and nurturing. Yoga is physical activity that forces you to confront your body, its shape and its limitations. It's fertile ground for insecurity, but Sam wouldn't let the insecurity happen. He is like a shepherd keeping his flock safe from the wolves. Under his watchful eye, my mind was free from doubt and able to focus on learning. At first glance, Sam is a free spirit. But I quickly discovered that he is devoted to his craft. I was impressed with his deep and academic understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body. He uses the proper scientific names for the various muscles and bones and articulately explains how they work together.
I've been a yoga student of Sam's for over 8 years and have felt so incredibly grateful to have his practice in my life. Sam offers a true yoga practice, so much more than a yoga routine that moves through familiar sequences. Sam has a way of making classic poses new with the incredible nuance he brings to each pose; you can see that he has a deep understanding of the body. I can feel myself grow stronger and more energetic through our work together. I've come to understand my sticking points and where I can find more release. Sam is kind and gentle (and funny!) but also knows when and how to motivate me to strive harder, often when I think I can't. He's a true teacher. And I know I've found the right yoga practice when I get that post yoga class buzz—Sam is the master of serving up that wonderful yoga buzz!
I am a bass singer that has been studying with Samuel Palmer for a few months now. I have always been afraid of my higher range and Mr. Palmer is really opening me up and relaxing me into a higher and even better more EVEN sounding voice. Strangely enough, my lower notes are becoming purer and more resonant. Mr. Palmer is doing this by teaching me new techniques, working slowly and patiently and really listening and changing up the warms up so that I am focusing on new things and getting excited about singing all over again. His love of music is palpable and infectious and I think his methods are fantastic for someone who has already studied and great for beginners too.